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Virtual Gift-Giving for Romantic Couples

Romantic Gift of Candy

Romantic Gift of Candy

The tender landscape of gift-giving has shifted dramatically in a very short space of time as loved ones have quickly adjusted to the convenience and potential of Internet shopping. Around 15 years ago, a boyfriend or girlfriend had only one option for their spouse’s birthday or a romantic surprise – a trip to the shopping center and a limited search for a suitable present.

Statistics show that three in four people now use the Internet to source and purchase items for their mate. This gift revolution was first made possible in 1994 when Amazon launched to great success, closely followed by eBay in 1996 and a host of other e-retailers. This innovative list of possibilities now covers every angle: online shopping, flower delivery, gift wishlists, Red Envelope days, e-cards, video messages and birthday reminders. There’s no longer any reason to avoid marking a special date in the most spectacular style.

In the same spirit of progress, international dating giant Anastasia International has just moved the options on a stage further with a vigorous new bag of tricks. The latest trend in online communication, amorous guys can now choose from a lively assortment of Virtual Gifts for thrilling contact with flaming Slavic beauties on The variety of luxury icons includes a bunch of flowers, treasure chest, glass of wine, diamond ring, teddy bear, and a juicy strawberry.

Virtual Gifts are the quickest way to make an impact in a direct and exuberant fashion. Available to view for 7 days, each gift is instantly delivered to any stunning lady of choice from Anastasia’s brimming Russian and CIS database of over 22,000. There are a number of easy ways to send Virtual Gifts – via a lady’s profile, real-time in Live Chat or by running an ID search on the Virtual Gifts page. A beautiful lady can also show how wrapped up she is by sending a Virtual Gift back to her admirer with a free message.

Virtual Gifts are a great addition to Anastasia’s exquisite dating tools and the perfect way to break through the language barrier. They let members mark that special moment the minute they log-on.

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