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If you would like to contact any of the members of The Writing Team staff , just click on the writer’s name (below) to send them an email:

1. does a superb job as editor-in-chief.  For the past 23 years, she has worked for a variety of News Services, working her way through the ranks to her current position of responsibility.  She has received rave reviews and expert recommendations from a wide variety of professional colleagues and we are pleased to number her as a member of our staff!

2.. is our lead technology writer and he doubles as our resident computer technician.  He graciously keeps our News equipment in working order.  We fondly call A. Godfree our “resident geek”.

3.  nimbly heads the increasingly broad area of health reporting.  Coming from a nursing/nurse practitioner background, she blends her vast medical knowledge with intuitive understanding.

4.  is handles our entertainment desk.  She has an intense interest in recreation and all-things that allow people to release stress and recharge from the busy-ness of everyday life.

5.  is in charge of our sports and recreation reporting.  With a broad experience-base in a wide variety of sports, he understands the practical applications as well as the everyday realities of professional sports.

6.  is our lead Travel writer.  She owned and operated her own successful travel business for 13 years.  She followed this up with intensive work directly for the airline.  She writes knowledgeably about an industry that is her own private passion.

7.  runs our financial desk.  She brings her own extensive background from practical involvement in the financial world, having served as VP of a major financial and investment firm for 12 years.  Ms. Haugen uses a unique, simple style to present the most-complex of concepts.

8.  does an expert job of handling featured news.  She has over seven years experience as a journalist.  We love her amazing attention to detail!

9.  is a graduate of Arizona State University with a masters degree in journalism.  His  focus — and avid interest — is business news.

10.  is our specialist in shopping and fashion.  She worked for 25 years as a buyer with a number of the top fashion houses.  She brings her own individual style to this position to create uniqueness of reporting.