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Golf Beginner #1 Tip: Golf Lessons

The single best choice out of all gifts for the golf beginner is golf lessons. There is nothing that the beginning golfer can benefit from more. Even the best of golfers could use a tip or two at times to improve their game. Tiger Woods did not learn golf overnight. Tiger, probably the best golfer [...]

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Reading Golf Greens to Exhibit Maximum Control

The short putting stroke should be as short as possible to lower the risk of changing your club face position after aligning the club face at the target. The long putt stroke can be long and flowing because controlling the pace of the ball speed is your goal. You’ll find when you three putt a [...]

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Spectacular Winchester 1876 Rifles at Auction

Up for Auction:  Some of the more extraordinary Winchesters known contained in the Collection of A. I. McCroskie (a firearms collector icon) will be auctioned at the end of the summer.  The auction will be held in Moline, IL on September 10-12th, 2010. The McCroskie collection contains the General Sheridan Winchester 1876 recognized as the [...]

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Simple Steps to Jump Higher

Jumping high is vital for any basketball player. Simply because whenever you jump higher, it means you’ll have a higher chance to make the basket. Do not worry if you are not performing well right now, so long as you practice and keep at it, if you will see a distinction inside your vertical. Stick [...]

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Men’s Trainers: New Balance Running Shoes

Starting as a firm supporter within the early 1900s, developed into a specialized producer of sneakers within the Seventies, and has developed into a number one global athletic Merchandise Firm, New Steadiness are made with more know-how and manufacturing strategies over time. Men’s New Balance running shoes is one among their products. Aims to improve [...]

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