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Website for Pet Lovers includes Loyalty Program

Meeting new pet lovers, and animal loving friends is just a click away! Get ready for to pull you up by the scruff and raise your expawtations! is the best way to connect with like-minded pet-loving people, dedicated to improving the lives of pets and the people who love them. Best of all, [...]

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Virtual Gift-Giving for Romantic Couples

The tender landscape of gift-giving has shifted dramatically in a very short space of time as loved ones have quickly adjusted to the convenience and potential of Internet shopping. Around 15 years ago, a boyfriend or girlfriend had only one option for their spouse’s birthday or a romantic surprise – a trip to the shopping [...]

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No Foreign Exchange or Usage Fees for Halifax

Halifax has this week launched the Halifax Clarity Credit Card, a new simple, no usage fees credit card. The new card will cut the cost of travel money for holidaymakers. The Clarity Credit Card will make using a credit card abroad a more appealing option by charging no foreign exchange fees on all transactions including [...]

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Sell Your Home … Move Up Now!

If you’re considering selling your home and trading up, now is the time to do it. Opportunity, as they say, is knocking. Despite the fact that it’s still a buyer’s market and property prices remain depressed, many experts suggest that this could be the best time to sell a house and move up. So, if [...]

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Men’s Trainers: New Balance Running Shoes

Starting as a firm supporter within the early 1900s, developed into a specialized producer of sneakers within the Seventies, and has developed into a number one global athletic Merchandise Firm, New Steadiness are made with more know-how and manufacturing strategies over time. Men’s New Balance running shoes is one among their products. Aims to improve [...]

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Entrepreneurial College Students Cash In

When the dorm rooms open this fall, Kennesaw State student Samantha True will already be ahead of the class as an entrepreneur. As a new affiliate of MPB Today, Samantha has created an opportunity to help fund her college experience that her tuition alone won’t cover. Without having to take valuable time away from her [...]

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