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Consolidating Bad Credit

When you have numerous credit accounts and you are looking to consolidate them by putting all the balances into one credit account, you need to carefully check out your options. Depending on what kind of bad credit you do currently have, you can choose between three major ways of re-organizing your finances and getting rid [...]

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International Biotech Showcase: BioSpain 2010

The Spanish Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO), in collaboration with the Navarre Society of Development (SODENA), and the government of Navarre, will host BioSpain 2010 (, the biennial international gathering of experts in the biotechnology sector, in Pamplona from September 29th to October 1st. BioSpain 2010 is honoured to welcome three lecturers of international prestige: Mr. Carlos [...]

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China Power Gen Deal Creates Win-Win

The United Steelworkers (USW) announced today it has signed agreements with A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd., (Nasdaq: APWR) and Shenyang Power Group (“SPG”), two of China’s leading power generation companies.  This agreement provides a strong foundation for a win-win relationship between Chinese renewable energy equipment manufacturers and U.S. workers as the USW will guide and work [...]

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Sell Your Home … Move Up Now!

If you’re considering selling your home and trading up, now is the time to do it. Opportunity, as they say, is knocking. Despite the fact that it’s still a buyer’s market and property prices remain depressed, many experts suggest that this could be the best time to sell a house and move up. So, if [...]

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Hawaii’s Panda Travel Agents Exceed $100M

Panda Travel of Hawaii’s network of travel agent clients has just surpassed the $100 million landmark in cumulative online sales. Panda Travel of Hawaii, the largest and oldest travel agency in Hawaii, also has the largest network of Hawaii travel agent clients that purchase travel inventory on a wholesale basis. “Virtually all of Panda’s travel [...]

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Looking to Settle Your IRS Tax Debt?

Have you ever seen a worse financial crisis than the one we are experiencing now? You’re barely hanging on to your job. If you still own a home, you don’t have any equity. The banks have lowered your credit limits and raised your interest rates to ridiculous amounts. The “Bush Tax Cuts” will expire at [...]

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