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“Art of Sipping” Style Combines Business with Pleasure

Ready for a Coffee Break

Opening September 1st, 2010, Sambalatte will satisfy every espresso lover and coffee enthusiast. Located in the Fashion Village Boca Park, Sambalatte offers deliciously brewed coffee, food and teas at competitive prices. Walking thru the door, the aroma of coffee beans and fresh baked pastries make your mouth water.  The music plays soothing sounds that take you away.  Finally, you can relax and sip while enjoying the moments that make life worth living.

In many cultures, coffee represents civilized and refined past-times.  Business, conversations and events revolve around coffee, food and drinks.  Sambalatte Caffe finally offer patrons organic and sustainable options, all the while providing a relaxing space to sip, savour, and socialize. When someone drinks a cup of gourmet coffee at Sambalatte, they will be indulging in the “Art of Sipping.”

Sambalatte has joined forces with the Rainforest Alliance, a global community of selected organizations that is committed to conserving resources for the good of the planet and future generations. Sambalatte is eco-conscious from the day-to-day operations to its freshly made coffee and pastries. Patrons will be served in porcelain china, and those on the go receive environment friendly disposable cups. Their mission is to make a contribution to the local community and support charitable and civic activities. The coffee is roasted locally, purchased from the farmers who use Fair Trade and organic whenever possible.  Limit the carbon foot-print is a huge part of their Eco-friendly commitment.

Founded by Brazilian native Luiz Oliveira, Sambalatte reflects the best global coffee producers and exporters.  Experts claim the Brazilian bean is the best to make espresso with its creamy texture, chocolate, and caramel flavors.  Oliveira quotes “Nowadays, there are several coffee stores and coffee blends available in the market for everyone’s taste and style. However, Sambalatte will feature a unique brand and blend that will be preferred by those who are looking to drink a delicious gourmet cup of coffee without breaking the bank.” His desire is to create an upscale boutique coffee lounge with rich brews, overwhelming aromas, delicious flavors and highly trained baristas that create the ultimate coffee experience.

From the beginning, Sambalatte is dedicated to being a socially responsible corporate citizen.  Sambalatte menu includes coffee, teas, chocolates, fresh baked goods and pastries made in-house daily. Every cup of coffee will be topped with a signature froth latte art and a freshly baked pastry. Comfortable furniture with plenty of inside and outside sitting space allows pets and customers a place to stay and enjoy the free Wi-Fi and avant-garde cafe ambiance.  Events, entertainment, parties and private rentals available.  Coffee and gifts products will be sold in the retail store.

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